Wednesday, October 20, 2010

China does not thereby adversely affecting the timing of 3G licenses as early as 4 years will be hug

Earlier this month, Jing Wang, chairman of Qualcomm Asia Pacific in Hong Kong said that China has not established a clear timetable for 3G launch, leading to stagnation of China's telecom industry 4 years. Against the argument, telecommunications experts said Li called the "fallacy", and a large increase yesterday refuted the author. The years have septuagenarian telecommunications experts have painstakingly hard for China's TD technology running cry.

Early licensing consequences will be huge loss of 4 years

Because of the high-pass in the global communications industry special technical supremacy, the throwing of "stagnation theory" immediately drew the concern of the domestic industry. Said Li to return to "confuse the public intervention policies of China's 3G fallacy." He said that such a fallacy as early as 2001, appeared in a purely old tune.

Dating back to 2003, when the world was launched in clamoring for 3G, the major interests of the camp is taken the trouble to come to China to lobby. Said Li noted that under the current development situation, when the first phase of the 3G standard system is not advanced, the second phase of the 3G standard system has not yet released, had not issued 3G licenses is wise.

"Why the hurry to open the Chinese 3G market, the huge market for China, hey do not mature in the advanced format is not it!" Said Li, sighs. In 2000, the telecommunications sector, it was argued that only the Chinese GSM network capacity to meet the 80 million users, so, on 3G in China is necessary but also urgent; in 2001, it was a letter to the Central China, cited the increase in gross national product , several major reasons for the expansion of employment, demand the immediate release 3G licenses. "If the suggestions were adopted, what the result will be a Destructive Enthusiasm? The seriousness of the consequences is that will make thousands of billions of our 3G system WCDMA and CDMA2000 equipment market to be occupied, eight years to build the TD industrial chain and core areas of mobile communications technology innovation to achieve a historic breakthrough in the series, may in vain. "

"Facts show that, precisely because China has yet to release 3G license, China Mobile communications industry to flourish. If then the wish of Mr. Wang Jing, in 2003 or earlier issued 3G licenses, the telecommunications industry in Mainland China is not just stagnation 4 years, and be as big a loss as Hong Kong and Wong 4 years, or even worse! "

Stagnation is the stagnation of American Standard

"China did not blindly follow the international 3G propaganda, listen to the lobbying of multinational corporations, issuing 3G licenses early, so that China became a testing ground for others, do to others awake made him suffer huge losses in the economy to its doom, this is to avoid a disaster! "said Li said.

For "the development of China's telecom industry 4 years of stagnation," the proposition, said Li noted that the global telecommunications industry over the past few years, the situation was clouded, the Chinese market is booming, it only shows that China's grasp of this strategic opportunity. Hutchison Whampoa's continuing losses and the rapid development of China Mobile is the best contrast.

The concern is that, in four years, the Chinese standard TD made more rapid progress. 4 years ago, the standard is still a prototype system, and now has become a mature business systems. This growth rate in international telecommunications is also an unusual history. Currently, TD are 10 cities in large-scale testing, from formal business is within sight.

"In the eyes of Jing Wang, the so-called stagnation four years can be interpreted as China not only failed to build WCDMA networks, but the violation of the regulations in early 2006 the construction of more than 80 network, nearly 1,000 base stations removed explicitly. From this standpoint, WCDMA is really stagnant, but not China's telecom industry, "said Li said," we accurately grasp the development of a major strategic opportunity TD. Today, TD opportunities faced by CDMA with very similar 10 years ago, a hundred years the history of telecommunications Chinese made the first international standard will rewrite the map of China's telecom competition. "

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