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2003 Annual International Convention and Exhibition Forum

2003 China International Exhibition Center of China Association of Convention and Exhibition Forum and Annual Meeting
Time: November 27, 2003 -28 days

Location: Beijing. China World Hotel

Organizers Sponsors:

Association of China Exhibition

International Fair Union

German exhibition industry associations

Beijing International Convention & Exhibition Association

China World Trade Center Co., Ltd.

Supporters Supporters:

Institute of International Economic and Trade Ministry of Commerce

State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Research

China Federation of Industrial Economics

Organizer Organizer:

Association of China Exhibition

Forum theme Theme of Forum:

Challenge. International standards and strategic cooperation

Activities arranged Agenda:

November 27 - Forum

November 28 am - long-term development policies of China's exhibition industry symposium

November 28 pm - Exhibition and Promotion venues

The evening of November 28th Annual Meeting of China Association for Exhibition and Dinner

Forum purpose of Mission of the Forum

China's exhibition industry, an important period of development, facing new opportunities and challenges, how to work with international standards, concepts and mechanisms to speed up the pace of reform to improve the competitiveness of China's exhibition industry to deepen China's exhibition industry chain, the exhibition of the economy, the industry issues of common concern. 2003 China International Exhibition Forum to set up Sino-foreign exchanges and cooperation in convention and exhibition industry platform, spur between Chinese exhibition industry, China's exhibition industry and the international exhibition industry strategic cooperation between the speed up China's exhibition industry consolidation and optimization of the structure, formation industry resource sharing, the pattern of sound development.

Forum topic Forum Topics

One of China's exhibition industry development policy and thinking: industry protection and opening up

Second, the international exhibition industry situation and prospect: new ideas, new Formats, a new trend.

Third, the national exhibition in the industry the concept and practice of strategic alliances

1) stadium operators, group exhibitors and build business cooperation in the industry define the role of information exchange and strategic cooperation

2) to solve the problem the only way to repeat the exhibition: themes to purchase, corporate mergers and joint

3) Exhibition Center and the capital operation

4) in the western region to face the challenges of the exhibition industry issues with international standards

Fourth, foreign competition and cooperation in the exhibition industry

1) Title: China's exhibition industry strategic cooperation

2) Title: UK exhibition industry to enter the Chinese market expectations and prospects

3) Title: American exhibition companies operating in China and Countermeasures of the problems encountered

4) Title: Sino-French co-operation of the exhibition industry

5, Mainland China and Hong Kong's exhibition industry to the question: Opportunities and Prospects

Speaker: Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association, Mr. Zhu Yulun

Sixth, the country's exhibition industry and international standards of legal issues:

1) Title: Characteristics and foreign laws and regulations of the exhibition industry

2) Title: around the existing "Law Against Unfair Competition" describes the legal environment in which convention and exhibition industry

Participants Participants objects

Group development institutions at home and abroad, domestic Convention Centre complex, industry associations exhibition unit

Exhibition Management, the Regional Convention and Exhibition Industry Association

Overseas Exhibition Center Management Corporation, China Exhibition Association

Exhibition Services and related units

Media support Media support

"Market News", "International Business Daily", "China Trade News"

"China Exhibition," "Foreign Exhibition," "Exhibition Fortune" magazine

Exclusive online media support Web support

Xinhua Exhibition Channel www.xinhuanet.com / expo

Forum Meeting fee charge

Member of 1380 yuan per person 1,200 yuan

These costs include information on fees, lunch, and dinner costs, conference documents, refreshments, participants accommodation be arranged at their own expense.

Official Hotel Designated hotel for the forum:

China World Hotel Traders Hotel

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